Progress Monitoring
Join Dr. Susan Hall, a nationally recognized expert on Response to Intervention and author of “I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What?”, as she discusses the important topic of Progress Monitoring. This online video training is perfect for administrators, reading coaches, classroom teachers and special education teachers—anyone concerned with improving student reading outcomes

Tracking the progress of individual students is a critical component of delivering needs-based reading instruction. However, teachers sometimes question how to select the appropriate assessment instrument and determine the frequency of assessment. Even after selecting and administering an assessment, knowing what to do with the data provided can frustrate even the most experienced educators. This course takes the guesswork out of progress monitoring and provides a practical guide for analyzing student data. The following topics are included:
  • Which Indicators to Progress Monitor
  • Types of Assessments to be Used
  • Frequency of Progress Monitoring
  • Reasons for Progress Monitoring
  •  Which Students Should Be Progress Monitored
  • Graphing the Data
  • Ways to Intensify Instruction
  • Using Intervention Logs
  • Organizing Materials
Dr. Susan Hall is a frequent speaker at national reading conferences on the topic of Response to Intervention and literacy. She is the founder and president of 95 Percent Group Inc., an education consulting and professional development company.

A note from the presenter, Susan L. Hall, EdD:

"Progress monitoring is one of the most important things we do in Response to Intervention (RTI). It’s how we know whether we have the student in the right intervention group and also, whether the instruction is intense enough for that student. It’s how we make decisions on the data we get from the progress monitoring cycle, and the data informs us about changes that we need to make.”

Register today and gain access to information about progress monitoring that was previously available only through live seminars. It’s like attending a professional development workshop from the privacy of your home or classroom! Learn what the data is telling you and how it can help you best instruct your students. Discover practical tips that you can use in your school right away!

95 Percent Group Inc. offers on-site professional development as well as a full suite of instruction materials. For more information, please contact Carm Bondeson in Client Relations at 847-499-8217 or email info@95percentgroup.com.

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Progress Monitoring Syllabus
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