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Amie Dean

Amie Dean has been a classroom teacher and “strategy specialist” for 14 years. Amie is a national speaker on topics such as classroom management, differentiated instruction, and motivating difficult students. She has extensive experience working with students and teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She has worked with thousands of teachers to help them find behavior interventions that work.

Behavior Interventions That Work


Rich Korb, M.Ed.

Rich Korb is an education reformer. Rich has developed highly effective revolutionary strategies for enhancing classroom management found in his book – Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn. Rich’s primary methods demonstrate that a solid foundation of expectations, aligned with consistent follow through, are paramount to academic success, hence academic success cannot take place without a controlled learning environment. Rich’s secondary methods, for assessing all student knowledge, relating to a particular subject, have dramatically increased the success rate for every student and teacher following to his process.

Rich has 35 years of experience as a successful educator and consultant working with difficult and at-risk students. Rich has taught both general and special education at all levels, and has served as director of education at a ranch for delinquent youth. Rich’s methods have accelerated student desire to learn at every level due to the hope provided, and student control of their grade.

Rich’s experience in working with difficult and defiant students has led him to develop a wealth of practical ideas that teachers, administrators and parents can put to use immediately. Rich knows what works, and what doesn’t work, when dealing with disruptive and defiant students.

Rich is a sought-after presenter and the author of Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn, Accelerating Achievement Through Purposeful Assessment as well as this work – Ignite the Passion to Learn; an unconventional approach to assessment.

Rich conducts onsite workshops and seminars for school districts and schools. Rich is an adjunct faculty member for Seattle Pacific University and Brandman University-Chapman University Systems, where he teaches an online course in how to work with defiant and disruptive students.

Learn more about Rich at www.pioneereducationconsulting.com

Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn


Dr. Regalena “Reggie” Melrose

Dr. Regalena “Reggie” Melrose is the author of several books including You Can Heal Your Child: A Guide for Parents of Misdiagnosed, Stressed, Traumatized, and Otherwise Misunderstood Children (Bush Street Press, 2009). Her trilogy of books for educators provide understanding and intervention for the growing number of students who continue to be misunderstood by today’s educational, medical, and mental health communities. Dr. Melrose travels the continent speaking to parents, educators, medical professionals, and mental health practitioners regarding the effects of stress and trauma on the brain, learning, and behavior. Visit www.drmelrose.com to learn more about her work and publications.

Succeeding With Angry Students


Dr. Beth Halbert

Licensed child, family, and teen psychologist, 'Dr. Beth' Halbert was worked with hundreds of families to create stronger parent-teen bonds. Her book, Embracing defiance, Helping Your Child Express Their Unique Voice While Keeping Your Sanity, is available at Amazon. Visit www.drbeth.com to learn more.

Preparing You and Your Child for the Teen Years

Pat Quinn
"The RTI Guy"

Pat Quinn is known nationally as “The RTI Guy” and is the author of the nation’s largest newsletter dedicated specifically to helping teachers implement Response to Intervention. His online training “Response to Intervention Made Easy” has been used by thousands of teachers around the country and his live training events routinely sell out as teachers, counselors, and administrators gather to hear from America’s Best Teacher Trainer! Pat Quinn's newest book Ultimate RTI has been hailed as "the first book that really tells teachers what they are supposed to do to implement RTI". www.totalrti.com

Response to Intervention Made Easy
Motivating Unmotivated Students
Susan L Hall

Susan Hall, EdD, specializes in teacher training and early reading. She is Founder and President of 95 Percent Group Inc. The company provides consulting and teacher training to districts and schools for Response to Intervention in reading. The company also offers a line of educational materials for elementary and middle school classroom use, primarily in intervention group settings. Dr. Hall is a nationally certified trainer of DIBELS® and LETRS®. She is author of several books including Jumpstart RTI: Using RTI in Your Elementary School Right Now and I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What? Her most recent book is I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What? Next Edition (Corwin Press, Fall 2011.) She is coauthor with Louisa Moats of two books, Straight Talk About Reading and Parenting a Struggling Reader, as well as LETRS Module 7: Teaching Phonics, Word Study, and the Alphabetic Principle, Second Edition. For more information on products and services, please visit the 95 Percent Group Website: www.95percentgroup.com.

Progress Monitoring


Ron Glodoski

Ron Glodoski is a Leading National Expert on Bullying, Substance Abuse and Resiliency. Ron speaks from the heart of real life experience. A featured expert on The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, he offers a fresh new perspective on how to effectively connect with kids. His personal triumph over abuse issues, a traumatic brain injury and learning disabilities provides practical solutions to the challenges confronting our youth today. Ron is dedicated to helping others transform their lives. His book, How To Be A Successful Criminal - The Real Deal on Crime, Drugs, and Easy Money has received national acclaim by parents, educators, administrators, judges, police officers, counselors, and social workers. www.ronglodoski.com

Succeeding with At-Risk Students

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