How Our Courses Work

The courses are designed to allow each staff member to complete the training at their own pace. The courses contains lessons that address specific topics. Teachers who are already experienced and knowledgeable in certain areas can move through the lessons in any order – quickly accessing the exact information they need the most.

An important system concept to understand is that each user's login is completely secure and separate from other users. Each individual or member of a group (described below) that is registered receives their own unique login and password and the information they enter is stored for them and can only be retrieved by them.


Each online course on the site employs the concept of lessons. Each lesson has a “Home Page” that serves as the central point of information for that lesson. It is from the lesson “Home Page” that you can select the video to watch, access links to course handouts, resources, and answer reflections questions for your use later. The reflection questions are intended to allow you to relate your own personal observations and experiences as they relate to the subject matter of the video. The lesson specific reflections can be retrieved, viewed and printed at any time.

When you have completed the course, there will be an online quiz that will ask questions about the course material. This quiz can only be taken after the course is complete.

Upon completion of the quiz, the course is complete. You will be issued a Course Completion Certificate. The quiz results, reflections questions, and completion certificate can each be retrieved, viewed, and printed. They can also be emailed as an attachment to any email address you enter into the system.


A “Course Completion Packet” can also be generated that contains all of the course materials and certificate of completion in one document

Upon completing the registration process, you will be supplied with an instruction sheet that explains how to login and use the system.

After a successful login, you will be presented with a page called “My Home Page”. This will be your central point of information while logged in. On this page you can select course and lessons you want to take, change your login information, edit your contact information, retrieve your invoice, as well as several other operations. The structure of the courses is described in the “Courses” section.


IMPORTANT: Not every course has all of the features described above.

Individual Registration

You may register as an individual or a group. An individual registration gives you all the features descrbied above. A group registration varies as described below.

Group Registration

If you are registering a group of people, you will be registered as the Group Administrator. You will then designate the size of the group you are registering. The group size is the only information you need to supply about the group during registration. You do not need to enter group members’ names or any other information about them. They will enter their own information the first time they login.

A PDF document (one page per group member) will be generated that contains temporary usernames and passwords along with login instructions for each member of the group. The Group Administrator will then distribute the instruction sheets to the individual group members. This document will be emailed to you during the registration process and you will also have the option to print and view it. It can also be retrieved at any time when you are logged into your Group Admin account.

As the Group Administrator, you will have access to an additional screen that is not available to other types of users. This screen will summarize the progress of the other members of the group. A color coded grid is available to graphically and quickly identify the progress of each of the members of your group. When the group member has completed the course, their completion date as well as their final course quiz score is shown.

An important concept for the Group Administrator is that they can be an administrator of many groups. For example, a principal of a school may wish to sign up the math department faculty as one group and the science department faculty as another group. When the Group Administrator is on their administration page, they simply select the desired group from a drop down list and the status of that group is displayed.

The Group Administrator is also a regular member of the group. As such, they can participate in the course in an identical manner as the group members and individuals.

A Group Administrator is not counted as part of the group for billing purposes.


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