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Would you like to increase your income while decreasing your travel and the number of days you work? This is now possible through Online Staff Development.

Online Staff Development is the nation’s leading provider of online professional development for schools. Our proprietary online course delivery system allows you to increase your income dramatically while working less and travelling less!

How it works:

You take your existing videos and place them on our online delivery system.

Once that is complete, you can now have schools register to take your online course.

It really is that easy!

Why it works:

Currently you sell your videos or DVDs to schools. They pay one time and can use the DVD forever. They can use it with as many teachers as they want for one price. They can use it year after year. They can even share the DVD with neighboring districts and others who wish to view it.

With Online Staff Development you can charge per person. Our proprietary system assures that each person has their own user name and password and these cannot be shared. A school must pay for each person to take the course. There is no sharing with other schools or districts. If new teachers are hired next year they must be registered and paid for as well.

Here is a typical example. Northland School District is an average district with schools and 120 teachers. In the past they would have purchased your DVD for $200. Your total revenue from this district would be $200. When they hire new teachers next year, they can show them the same DVD. You never make additional revenue from this district. Using Online Staff Development the same district registers their teachers at a group discount rate of $20 per teacher. Your revenue from this district is now $2400. Plus, if new teachers are hired next year the district must pay for them to receive the training as well.

All of this revenue has come in without you leaving your home. You simply set up the course online and our system does all of the work.

Online Professional Development is the fastest growing trend in K-12 education because it makes sense:
  • Teachers can participate on their own schedules
  • Teachers can participate from any location with internet access
  • Schools realize a cost savings over traditional “live” professional development
  • Flexible, Cost Effective, Easy-to-Use!
What does it cost?

Online Staff Development is a full-service provider of services for you. We will take your videos or DVDs and help you get your course set up.

Once your course is set up online, we handle everything else. You really can “set it, and forget it”.

We handle registering schools online. We take care of processing payments and credit cards, issuing invoices, handling customer service calls, processing purchase orders. Once a school district pays us for the course, you get paid.

Online Staff Development charges a small one-time fee to set up your course online. There is a great deal of labor and technical expertise in this process, so we do charge $900 for this service. Depending on the price you set for your course, you will probably make this fee back as soon as the first school district signs up for your course!

Once the course is up and running, we charge a flat 20% fee for course management. That means you get to keep 80% of all course registration fees…for doing nothing! That’s right: simply sit back and collect checks every time a district signs up and pays for your course!

Here is what you can expect from us:
  • We will help you set up your course.
  • We will advertise your course on our website.
  • We will answer all calls and emails asking about your course promptly.
  • We will help schools and districts register for your course online.
  • We will process payments from the schools and districts.
  • We will handle all customer questions and concerns.
  • We will pay you promptly after the school or district has paid.

Here is what we expect from you:

  • You will work with us to get your videos online.
  • You will tell others about the course – promote it everywhere you speak, in articles that you write, on your website, in your blog, in your newsletter – everywhere! Remember: the more you promote your online course the more people who will sign up…and the more people who register for the course, the more revenue you make!

What is the next step?


The next step is for you to decide if you want to travel less and work less but make more money.

Then call or email Online Staff Development and one of our course specialists will contact you to discuss putting your material online. The longer you wait, the longer it will be before you start making additional revenue through Online Staff Development.


Call or email Karen for more information! 800-579-1493 or karen@onlinestaffdevelopment.com



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