Response To Intervention Made Easy

Response to Intervention Made Easy is online video training that allows teachers to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, from any computer with internet access. Most importantly – it teaches your teachers how to implement RTI without becoming overwhelmed. Simple, easy-to-use strategies that make implementing RTI happen naturally in your daily routine.

Highlights of Response to Intervention Made Easy:
  • Equip Teachers with Interventions that Work
  • Help Teachers Manage Time
  • How to Avoid being Overwhelmed with Paperwork and Record-keeping
  • Self-Paced and Individualized Instruction
  • 12 Online Videos available 24/7 for your teachers
  • Built-In Accountability to help Monitor Teacher’s Progress
  • Use Individually, in Small Groups, or with your Full Staff Cost Effective Professional Development
  • Guaranteed to Work or you don’t pay!

One of the most important aspects of Response to Intervention is equipping your staff with information about the process of RTI and giving them access to research-proven interventions. Pat Quinn’s popular staff development programs are designed to do just that.

Every school struggles to get their teachers to buy in and fully participate in RTI. Teachers often feel overwhelmed by the thought of implementing RTI because they are already busy without all of the additional paperwork, assessment, and interventions they believe RTI will bring. There is not a more effective method to get your teachers to fully implement RTI at your school than Pat Quinn’s Response to Intervention Made Easy.

Topics covered in Pat Quinn's "Response To Intervention Made Easy" Include:
  • What is Response to Intervention?
  • Avoiding the One Mistake that Causes RTI to Fail
  • Identifying and Benchmarking Student Needs
  • Full Classroom (Tier 1) Interventions – Instruction that Works!
  • Individual Student Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  • How to manage all of this without going crazy!
  • Increasing Parental Involvement
  • Small Group (Tier 2) Interventions – Proven Strategies that Work!
  • Separating Learning Problems from Motivational Problems
  • Behavior Interventions that Work!
  • Tier 3 Interventions and Special Education Identification
  • How to find the time and lose the paperwork!
  • Putting it all together!

These topics plus much more are covered in Pat Quinn’s “Response to Intervention Made Easy” with humor, real world examples, and hundreds of intervention resources for you to access and use.

Each staff member receives the complete training at their own pace for a fraction of the cost! Time and again this has proven to be the most cost-effective way to train your entire staff on the RTI Implementation process.

Features of the Online Training Include:
  • Video Training
    Twelve high-quality video presentations covering the entire RTI training. Each participant receives a full training manual filled with valuable  resources.
  • Self-Paced and Individualized
    Staff members can access the video lessons from any computer with internet access – at home, at school, before school, during their free period, after school, and on weekends! Completely flexible schedule allows coaches, advisors, part-time staff and others to receive the full training.
  • Hands-On Applied Learning
    Each lesson has “hands on” assignments included, allowing the staff member to immediately apply the material in their professional setting. Why wait until the end of the training to begin applying the strategies – each lesson has quick “hands on” applications each staff member can try immediately.
  • Full Participation and Engagement
    Each lesson includes open-ended free response questions for your staff members to reflect on their own learning. These responses are saved on our online system and are compiled in each staff member’s final summary report.
  • More Effective Staff Development
    Each of the twelve lessons covers an important aspect of Response to Intervention implementation. Teachers who are already experienced and knowledgeable about RTI can move through the 12 lessons in any order – quickly accessing the exact information they need the most. Self-paced, self-directed – and self motivating!
  • Accountability Built into the Process
    At the conclusion of the twelve lessons, each staff member will complete a summary review assessment – measuring key knowledge gained during the course. Results of this summary assessment are included in each staff member’s final summary report.
  • Help your Staff Grow
    Staff members completing the twelve lessons, the reflection questions and the summary assessment will receive a “Certificate of Completion” indication successful completion of the training. This certificate can be used in many states to receive CEU’s – Continuing Education Units.
  • Easy to Implement
    Schools implementing the training school-wide will also receive an administrative screen to view which teachers are completing the training.


Sample Lessons and other Resources
Lesson 2 - RTI Steps One through Three

This lesson will cover the first three steps of the RTI process: Universal Screening, Tier One Instruction and the Fidelity Check. Participants are given concrete examples of best practices as well as reflection questions to help teachers evaluate their own practices.

RTI Course Syllabus
This is a PDF version to print out.
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