Succeeding with At-Risk Students

This course is designed for educators, administrators, juvenile justice and mental health professionals and is presented by Ron Glodoski, dynamic nationally recognized speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book, How to Be A Successful Criminal: The Real Deal on Crime, Drugs and Easy Money. This powerful online course will help you reach even your most difficult students.

Reinforces RTI Behavior Intervention Strategies

Because schools exist for all students to have an equal opportunity to obtain their highest level of academic achievement, consideration must be given to different learning styles, cultural diversity, the school environment and a multitude of problems that inhibit learning. Schools must also have some effective means of measuring their performance in accomplishing their mission.

Benefits of this Online Course:
  • Practical classroom tools
  • Methods for connecting with at-risk kids
  • Insight into the hearts and minds of kids
  • Program Effectiveness Measurement tool
  • Character development
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • Understanding what is stopping kids from learning and achieving their graduation requirements

What others are saying about this course:


"It gives me a great deal of pleasure to finally recommend something that I believe to have a powerful impact on our youth, and that will serve as a contribution in making a difference in the lives of many... Do it for yourself and for your children... if not your own, for your community and the sanity of the world."

Nancy Randall Dana, Superintendent

St. Paul, Minnesota


Want Measurable Results? 34 More Reasons to Take this Course:


Response to Intervention

  • Classwide interventions

  • How to do things “differently”

  • Solutions for positive behavior interventions that address at risk students

  • How to manage consequences

  • Preserve a positive classroom climate

Department of Public Instruction - Education Goals and Academic Standards
  • Focus on academic achievement
  • Set high expectations for students and schools
  • Address the needs of all students
  • Promote collaboration within school and the community
  • Establish a climate of respect
  • Provide an active learning environment
  • Meet the needs of professional staff
  • Establish family partnerships
Character Counts - The Six Pillars Of Character
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship
Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets For Healthy Youth
  • Caring school environment
  • Parent Involvement in schooling
  • Safety
  • Establish a climate of respect
  • School boundaries
  • Adult role models
  • Positive peer influence
  • High expectation
National Office Of Safe and Drug Free Schools - Principles of Effectiveness
  • Effective, comprehensive prevention ATOD effort
  • ATOD prevention as basic integrated permanent part of education program
  • Promote non-use ATOD
  • Address the needs and causes of ATOD abuse
  • Change day to day norms of experience for young people
  • Responsive to the complex needs and circumstances in young people's lives
  • Initiatives match the unique cultural and social characteristics of school and community
  • Help youth learn what to embrace rather than simply reject
  • Address the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors of adults
  • Partnerships between schools and community
  • Research and practice
  • Evaluation


Succeeding with At-Risk Students - Course Syllabus
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