Succeeding with Angry Students and those who Just Don't Care!

This training video is filled with strategies and techniques you can use immediately to engage even your most challenging students!

A growing number of students in every classroom is disengaging and not achieving, despite our best efforts and intentions. This training video will give you specific strategies to help these students achieve success in your classroom!

Every viewer of this training video will learn: 

-Why students disengage and underachieve
-What teachers and counselors can do to help
-How to succeed with your "toughest cases"
-Why even your smartest students disengage
-Specific strategies to apply immediately in your classroom!

A note from presenter Dr. Regalena “Reggie” Melrose

Greetings Fellow Educators…
I know many of you are frustrated with students who have "checked out." Whether we call these students disengaged, underachieving, unmotivated, or shut down, what we really want to know is what we can do to make a difference.

When was the last time you left a training with a handful of strategies you could try the next day with success? I have spent my career gathering strategies that teachers can use to succeed with these students. Empowering you with the specific steps you can take to help is the focus of this training video.

In the classroom where you are expected to do it all and there is no help on the way, how do you engage the disengaged? I will not only answer that question, but also dozens of others I get every week from teachers around the country. I hope you will come with your toughest cases in mind so we can work together to help students! Please join me for this day of sharing and learning!


What Others Are Saying... “Reggie Melrose gets it. She is not some pie-in-the-sky theorist who never sees the real problems teachers deal with every day. She understands the real pain my students feel at times, and the stress it causes me when I cannot help them. For any teacher who wants to help their most disengaged students be successful - this seminar is for you. I know that I will be attending as well, because every time I watch Reggie present, I learn new things I can use. Hope to see you there!"
-Pat Quinn
Teacher, Author and Speaker

"Do yourself and your students a favor and see Reggie Melrose! In over 25 years in education she is the single most relevant speaker with the most EASY TO APPLY content and ideas I have ever seen."
-Pat Thomas
Principal and Teacher


Presentation Syllabus
A PDF outline of the different parts of the presentation.
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